Purified, Spring, or Distilled?

At Eastern Shore Coffee and Water, we are proud to offer a variety of options for bottled water—including spring, purified, or distilled.

All of our products are of the highest quality, and choosing between them is just a matter of preference. We offer each one for the same price. Not sure which one is right for you? Below you can find our handy guide to the differences between each of our products!

Purified Water

This is our default product, as well as our most popular. We get our purified water from DrinkMore Water, where water meeting EPA standards is put through their 12-step purification process—including reverse osmosis, which uses advanced technology to remove impurities on a molecular level. As a result, DrinkMore produces water that has over 99.5% percent of all impurities removed, but retains all of its essential minerals to provide great-tasting drinking water.

Spring Water

Our spring water is bottled by Berkeley Springs Water in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, where the pure water bubbles up from the ground at a constant 74.3 degrees. These natural springs have brought visitors to Berkeley Springs for centuries, including George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt. The water is sourced directly from the spring, and then double-filtered and sterilized to provide a healthy and delicious drinking water provided by nature.

Distilled Water

Also sourced from Berkeley Springs, distilled water is boiled at a high temperature, causing the pure water to evaporate into steam and the impurities to be left behind. The steam is then captured and condensed into liquid water, which is then bottled as an alternative to reverse-osmosis purified water.

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