Switch Things Up With These Spiked Coffee Cocktails

For many people, a nice cup of coffee is the only way to start the day. Even attempting to have a rational conversation before you’ve had your pumpkin spice grande latte with a double shot of espresso, can result in someone’s feelings getting hurt. Because we’re so used to using coffee drinks to pick us up, we rarely ever give it a chance to be our go-to when we need to wind down after a long day.

Spiked coffee cocktails are a great way to switch things up and add a sexy evening vibe to your favorite day time drink. And just like regular brews, there’s a blend for everyone from whiskey to vodka enthusiasts.

United States-based Stronghold Games — a maker of “best of breed” games that immerse players in the specialized subject or theme of each game, according to Board Game Geek — is now taking pre-orders for a new version of the three-year-old Japanese game “Coffee Roaster.”


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