If You Liked White Claw, You’ll Love Hard Cold Brew

It seemed like it would never end, but White Claw summer 2019 is slowly coming to a close. Many of us, of course, will still be found knocking back cans of hard seltzer later this year alongside cranberry sauce or Christmas ham, but in a drastic pivot in terms of taste and marketing, alcohol companies have quietly laid the groundwork for the next break-the-internet trendlet: hard coffee.

Mixing coffee and booze is admittedly a centuries-old pairing. The saccharine White Russians and espresso martinis often made with coffee-flavored liqueur came and went; more recently, the craft beer revolution has unleashed a slew of stouts and porters that cribbed their roasted, almost chocolate-like tasting notes from coffee beans.

But following the second coming of flavored malt beverages, and fueled by the double-digit growth of chilled coffee consumption, companies like MillerCoors and Pabst Brewing have begun to look to those refrigerated Illy cans for inspiration. Now, they’re answering a question few other than the second-wave coffee cognoscenti have thought to ask: What if bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos, but with an alcoholic bent?

For those of you still sipping on your iced lattes without the other buzz, here’s a breakdown of the hard coffee wave.


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